– Simplicity is key for AR/VR adoption in education


Over the past two years, augmented reality and virtual reality have started to bloom in the consumer marketplace.

These technologies enable all types of learning and education experiences across all of the outcomes in Bloom’s Taxonomy.  In other words, AR and VR are poised to break into the mainstream of education and learning; however the key is simplicity.

In this session, you will explore the key reasons that virtual reality and augmented reality have value for learning outcomes. You will learn why an enterprise-wide approach to AR and VR maximizes the value and benefits of investing in these technologies. You will also discover the unique ways in which AR and VR can improve learner outcomes compared to other technologies.

Oral Roberts University has created a simplistic and enterprise-wide approach to ensure all students and faculty benefit from AR/VR.

Michael Mathews, AVP of Technology and Innovation
Oral Roberts University, Tulsa Oklahoma