Security training for one million people


On behalf of United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), EON Reality Norway has partnered with Catalyst Group International to develop an AVR training application on suspicious signs. The goal is to make security training available to one million people employed directly in the tourism industry, using the leading security experts and latest AVR technology.

By targeting workers in the travel and tourism industry, the project aim for airport employees, reception and concierge staff, rail and subway workers, museum and attraction employees to be aware, vigilant and know how to act when faced with a possible terrorist threat.

Based on Catalyst Group Internationals underlying curriculum and expertise, EON Reality Norway will make this crucial knowledge accessible and affordable using the EON AVR platform, available on all mobile devices. For the launch in September 2017 they focus on five lessons on suspicious signs, including signs on people, vehicles, handheld objects, documentation and a potential suicide bomber.

Learn more at The Nordic VR Forum November 2nd.

Knut Henrik Aas, CEO
EON Reality, Norway