Nordic VR Forum 2020 – WHAT TO EXPECT

Wednesday, 28 October

At the Nordic VR Forum 2020 we focus on four main topics, one of them is VR IN HEALTHCARE to which we dedicate a full day. The presentations are divided into three parts: Intro Session, Track 1: Treatment, Track 2: Education.

On the first day you can learn more about XR technology as a clinical tool, VR in health promotion, VR in patient treatment and rehabilitation and – last but not least – VR in the education and training of health professionals. At the same time, all presenters are encouraged to showcase their projects virtually on our event platform, as the aim of the Health Day is to promote everything that happens within VR in the healthcare system nationwide. (All presentations will be given in Norwegian language.)

Thanks to Sykehuset Innlandet and Helseinn, our co-organizers for the VR in Healthcare Day!

Thursday, 29 October

What is important for a keynote that opens a conference? It should be an inspiring presentation that addresses the overall theme of the event, but also keeps an eye on all the subtopics. The keynote speaker must keep all the balls in the air at the same time. We have acquired a fantastic keynote speaker who embodies exactly these qualities. We look forward to Annicken R. Day – founder and CEO of Corporate Spring, Inspiring Leadership & Culture Strategist, CEO and Author (‘Creative Superpowers’, ‘Fly, Butterfly’).

Our second keynote speaker will tune in from far away: Nathan Pettyjohn is the Commercial AR/VR Lead at Lenovo managing a team and leading the global go-to-market strategy for Lenovo’s ThinkReality enterprise augmented reality and virtual reality hardware and software solutions. Also, he is the Founder & President of the VR/AR Association (VRARA) and the VR/AR Global Summit.
VR and AR are Transforming our World: Why Now and What to Expect – The perfect storm of hardware innovation, personal devices, cloud networks, computer vision and AI are fueling VR and AR technology deployments that are changing our world across the enterprise and consumer segments. Nathan will explore the key drivers, major trends to expect over the coming years, and dive into several case studies that prove AR and VR will be a persistent part of our daily personal and work lives for decades to come.


The second day of our conference is a whole day full of different topics which all revolve around the big picture of “immersive learning technologies”. We have therefore named the first track 1 “IMMERSIVE LEARNING & TRAINING”. Here we have five exciting presentations from speakers from the three Nordic countries Norway, Finland & Sweden. We will hear about new ways to learn, the use of VR & AR in crisis training, news consumption, b2b training and the cultural sector. All this will be announced in a charming and funny way by our wonderful presenter of this track, Truls Pedersen.

Track 2 is an old friend: Storytelling in VR & AR – so much to discover, so many stories that want to be told, so many different areas that use storytelling! Once again, we can look forward to five international speakers who will present their projects and talk about their experiences and the tricks and knacks of storytelling in VR. We have speakers from museums and from production studios, filmmakers and an expert who runs the first volumetric video capturing studio on European mainland. The host of this session is an expert in VR storytelling herself. So happy to have Elin Festøy back on board! Always a pleasure!

The Nordic VR Forum 2020 is a conference about innovation and progress. We would not be innovative if we did not bring something new to our program every year: Track 3 is our evolution from a round-table last year to a permanent session in our program this year: XR TECH DEVELOPMENT! Four speakers give input and go deep into technical details. Among them Teslasuit, Open AR Cloud, Logic Interactive and EON Reality! And because we know that especially in the field of technical development the exchange between developers is crucial, we will conclude the track with a discussion round via Microsoft teams, to which every participant is very welcome. Host of this session is Daniel Johansen, a game and XR developer himself with five years of professional game development in leading positions under his belt.

PANEL: Women in Immersive Tech
What would a conference be without a panel? This year again we have invited interesting women from all over the world to discuss challenges and possibilities in the context of COVID-19 under the moderation of Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland and to give us exciting insights from their perspective. The panel is organized by WIIT – Women in Immersive Tech

– Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland, NTNU (NO) (panel moderator)
– Ksenia Avetisova, Head of Enhanced Reality Lab TietoEVRY (FI)
– Prof. Judith Molka-Danielsen, Høgskolen i Molde (NO)
– Lina Reinsbakken, CEO & Founder Norn Studio (NO)
– Dana-Maria Faneker, CEO & Founder Captain VR (NL)
– Catharina Bøhler, CEO Sarepta Studio (NO)


Friday, 30 October

The core objective of the Nordic VR Forum is – and always has been – to be a meeting place and networking arena for the exchange of experiences. The current situation requires a rethinking on many levels and with our digital platform we can still meet this demand. Nevertheless, there should be no lack of face-to-face encounters. Therefore, our Day 3 is an additional offer for all participants who are on site in Hamar. We invite everyone to come to PARK gründer og næringshus for further networking, separate meetings and to deepen new contacts.